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  • If you can't afford college, any tips?
  • Asked By: Len (3821 days ago, 3 answers )

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I've heard of something called 'work colleges'. The way it works is in order to reduce cost of running a campus, these work colleges hire the students to fill up positions ranging from your landscapers to office managers. Students get a job customized to their interest and need. Some example of these schools are Deep springs College in CA, Berea College in Kentucky.

In some states, they have 'tuition freezes'. If you are in Maryland or Kansas and attending public institutions, then you may be able to enjoy this. These 2 states have kept their tution rate the same for the past 4 years.

Some schools in the nation have actually eliminated student loan as one of the financial aid packages and replacing that with grants, work-study jobs, more in line of what the previous description of 'work college'.

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