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  • What parents can help with child's college preparation?
  • Asked By: Eric (3696 days ago, 1 answers )

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Talk to Your Child
When it comes to your child's hopes to continue his education, communication is key. If you haven't had this conversation yet, bring it up, the sooner the better. If he initiates the conversation, be a patient and attentive listener. Ask questions. How much research has he done? Has he talked to his school counselor? Does he have any idea where he wants to go to school? Has he thought about how to pay?

Make a Plan
After you and your child have talked about his hopes for postsecondary education, it's time to make a plan, regardless of what grade he's in. It's never too soon or too late to start planning. It makes everything a lot easier.

The important thing is that you stay involved and offer meaningful help where and when you can:

•Talk to his teachers and counselors. Let them know that you support his educational goals and ask for their help and support, too. Ask teachers and counselors to tell you about anything that concerns them about his progress. Stay in contact with them throughout the school year, every year.
•Set realistic academic expectations. Monitor your child's schoolwork habits and performance and let him know that you expect him to work hard.
•Make sure he takes challenging classes and applies himself
•Watch out for signs that he is struggling, as he may try to hide them
•If he is having trouble, see if you can help, or, if possible, help find a tutor for him. Ask his counselor for recommendations

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