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  • Grant Overview – application process and location of grant opportunities
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  • 02-Mar-2009
  • Grants are one of the best ways to pay for your college education. This is because, like scholarships they are awarded to students who need it most. They are easy to apply for and they offer you a large sum of money for your college education. Furthermore, you don’t have to pay them back. For those who simply cannot pay for school, grants are a literal education lifesaver.

    There are three different types of college grants: private grants, federal grants, and state grants.

    Private grants are granted by local companies and corporations. Similar to scholarships, private grants are based on merit and need, as well as an interest in that certain industry. You can look for grants by searching private company websites.

    Federal grants are those granted by the federal government. The application process is as simple as clicking onto the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) website. There are three steps to apply for all federal grants in one. First, you will need to determine your dependency status. Next, you will fill out your application form, and finally, you will await the results. All three of these steps are clearly outlined on the FAFSA website. With one simple application, you can apply for all the federal grants programs in the nation - simple, fast and effective.

    Finally, state grants are funded by the state government and are a little harder to obtain as they are based on merit rather than on need. Every state is different and thus, to find your grant application for state grants, you will need to visit your state’s educational website. You will need to submit both an FAFSA application as well as your GPA application to the state grant commission. Your grades, as well as your financial needs, will be considered when applying for state grants.


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