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  • Importance Of Good Writing Skills For College Students
  • Posted By:
  • David B.
  • Posted On:
  • 08-Mar-2009

  • Writing well is an art that every body should master in order to be successful. Writing well means conveying thoughts, ideas, and facts in simple and clear language. The art of writing is not something that is taught seriously to us in school. But to learn it is essential in order to excel at both academic and professional levels. Good writing skills are important for college students because of the following reasons.

    · Students with good writing abilities have an edge over the others. They generally score better than the other students as they can effectively convey what they have learnt in the written examination.

    · Whichever course you pursue in college, the importance of writing well cannot be undermined. For e.g. an engineering student should have knowledge of technical writing as he/she may be required to write technical documents - in college, while training and after joining a job. Similarly, a science student might be required to write research papers. For writing research papers, it is necessary that you are able to put forth the right facts and information. Also, the research paper should be free from spelling and grammar errors. If you are not a good writer, then you will not be able to accomplish this task properly.

    · Good writing skills are also required for getting a job, be it a summer job, part-time job or a regular job after completing college. These days, the employers look for good verbal and writing abilities in the candidates. Every profession requires effective communication, and good-writing skills are a must. These are required for making presentations and reports and are handy for communicating through e-mails.

    In short, if your writing skills are not very good, then you must learn these skills since that would prove very useful for your studies and future professions.



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Monday, Jul 04, 2011 5:03 PM

Yes. It is sad that there are so many site out there that will sell papers to anyone. This is not helping our youth at all! We need a literate generation. Literacy leads to good problem solving skills.

Katherine Katsenis
Owner and Founder
Lyceum Tutorial Services
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