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  • Look For Hidden Opportunities To Get A Job
  • Posted By:
  • David B.
  • Posted On:
  • 08-Mar-2009
  • People with college degrees are finding it very hard to get suitable jobs due to the recession.

    Make Use Of Your Contacts

    You must be persistent with your job search. One of the most successful ways of getting a good job is to make use of your contacts. Inform all your relatives, friends and acquaintances that you are searching for a job. Tell them about your qualifications and the kind of job you want and ask if they can help.

    Many of us may feel shy about telling others that we have been unable to land a job. All you have to do is mention to the other person casually that you are searching for a job and would be grateful if he could help out in some way.

    You can never tell when one of your contacts might inform you that his company is hiring people and you could apply. Also, he may be in a position to put a word in your favor with the boss.

    However, be prepared for rejection. It’s part of the game. You might even need to go for five or six interviews before you actually land a job. So don’t be depressed by failure since everyone is facing such rejection due to the poor job market scene.

    Register With Online Placement Companies

    You can get to know about suitable jobs from newspapers or the college bulletin board. Do apply for them well in time. Remember that you will find lots of competitors and so you will need a well written resume that highlights your qualifications and the other plus points of your personality.

    You must carry along certificates that you have won at college competitions like debates or sports since these will give you an edge over the others.

    There are many online job agencies where you can register and post your resume free of cost. This makes your resume available for viewing by many different companies. Also, these online placement companies will inform you about suitable jobs which match your profile so that you can easily apply for them.

    Even if you get a job which pays less, accept it as it will provide you with the much needed experience.



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