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  • Most states struggling with higher education spending
  • Posted By:
  • Chris J
  • Posted On:
  • 12-Feb-2015
  • In recent decades, funding for higher education in states has declined drastically. This trend may come under increased scrutiny in the wake of our president’s plan of offering free community college tuition. This tuition program will be partly funded and supported by states.

    The system works this way. It will be jointly funded by the federal government and state government. While the federal government will contribute 75% of funds, state government will have to put in the remaining 25%.

    Interestingly, a research and advocacy organization called Young Invincibles has published a study report that says that as compared to before the Great Recession; at least 47 states spend less money per student now. The study also shows that four-year college tuition rose by twice the inflation rate, up by 28% between the years 2007 and 2013.

    The study also shows that 18 states received an F in tuition and 31 in higher education appropriations. These grades were assigned to determine the commitment of states to access and equity.

    Other aspects taken into consideration for other ratings include how states made higher education a priority, how they provided aid for students and alleviated burden on families. Identifying worst and best performers, the state report cards were created by the analysis based on support lent by government and higher education.

    Today, student loan debt is the largest consumer debt in our country. One of the major reasons for this, according to experts, is disinvestment in higher education by states. In order to turn around the situation, it is necessary for states to make college more affordable for students by investing in higher education.

    According to officials of the Young Invincibles, a national discussion must be sparked around higher education state support after community college announcement by our president. There is widespread opinion that it is time for federal and state lawmakers to take positive action.

    There is an urgent need to address the issue of college costs and find a solution as this is the only way forward. Our president’s address is timed perfectly coinciding with the 114th legislative sessions. This announcement should drive a nationwide dialogue culminating in setting a positive agenda for 2015.

    In this analysis report, states that stand out with high grades include Oklahoma, Alaska, New York and Wyoming. All these states stood out in terms of supporting higher education. Each one of them got an A for their support. States that fell back with grades below 50% include Colorado, Vermont, Oregon, Michigan and New Hampshire.

    The aim of Young Invincibles is to lobby state leaders across the country to work towards increasing college affordability and higher education spending. This higher education advocacy organization is all set to conduct the 2015 HBCU Political Action Summit in North Carolina very soon. All student delegates attending this event will attend a state higher education finance workshop.

    The shared goal of this organization is to use the analysis and motivate students and legislators work towards pushing tuition down and ensuring state budget higher education reinvestment.


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