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  • The TechHire initiative to develop high technology workforce
  • Posted By:
  • Tom A.
  • Posted On:
  • 20-Mar-2015
  • The TechHire initiative was announced by our President recently placing a strong emphasis on tech education like coding boot camps, community colleges and online education. Announcing this initiative at the National League of Cities, Obama called on local governments, educational institutions and employers to help drive high income employment through development of high technology workforce.

    He pointed out that though our economy steadily continues to rise, wages remain stagnant. This initiative will aim at filling the demand for high tech workers in our country in our current economy that is fast recovering.

    President Obama pointed out that our global economy is constantly changing and it is time we positioned ourselves for this. He also pointed out that global innovation is our forte and our 21st century economy bread and butter. Our leadership will clearly be threatened if we do not produce the required number of tech workers.

    In more than 21 regions of our country, Obama has obtained commitments from over 300 local governments and employers to fill jobs in cybersecurity, network administration and software development with trained low skilled workers.

    Competitive grans to the tune of $100 million will be awarded by the administration towards joint initiatives by training institutions, employers and local government. These initiatives will focus on people who do not have easy training access. The funding for this program will be generated by companies that are as of now paying for the H-1B visa program to hire skilled foreign workers.

    According to the White House National Economic Council director Jeff Zients, for many Americans, these jobs are only at places like Silicon Valley and they are completely out of reach as they require advanced computer science education.

    Communities that have notified their commitment to this program include Louisville, New York City, Kansas City, San Francisco, Nashville, Detroit and Missouri. Technology jobs are on the rise and this initiative will drive the preparation of US workers to fill this need. More than half a million of the total five million jobs available today are in these fields.

    Our President has initiated this program to address the concern of flat wages and declining unemployment rate as this remains one of the key hurdles to our recovering economy. He says that tech jobs pave the way to middle class as they pay at least fifty percent more than the private sector jobs.

    Community colleges and universities will start providing training. In just a matter of months, workers will be trained by high tech educational academies and place them in jobs. According to Mayor of Louisville, Greg Fischer, the traditional educational solutions are unable to keep pace with emerging technology needs. His city has pledged to this program that will use much needed non-conventional methods.

    According to Dev Bootcamp President Jon Stowe, our country’s coding literature foundation will be greatly broadened by the TechHire program. It will be a bridge between well-paying technical jobs and motivated learners. The program will aim at offering enhanced access for people of color and for women opening up an important avenue for representative population.


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