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  • 2015 State of the Union President address synopsis
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  • 25-Apr-2015
  • In his State of the Union address, our President put forth quite a few glaring issues. He started his address with a question – if only a part of us do well, should we accept such an economy or should we strive to build a country where everyone who makes an effort gets a chance and there is consistent and uniform rise in income? This is such a valid question considering our higher education and job situation today. 

    He put forth an agenda that spelt hope and assurance for the middle class. His invigorating speech was a welcome beam of light for the middle and lower middle class segment. He stressed on working out a solution to enhance job prospects in our country which again gives us a strong hope.

    President Obama pointed out that since the year 1999, this is the first time we can see a lot of jobs being created due to growing economy. He pointed out that many kids are graduating now and the since before the financial crisis, out unemployment rate is lower. He also reiterated the fact that we can make significant progress only if politics does not interfere with Congress decisions.

    A proposal put forth by our President that has gained a lot of attention recently is to offer free education in community colleges. Obama said that it is definitely smart for our future and fair to the hard working, bright students in our country who are priced out of education they deserve.

    He also said that it is imperative that Americans are equipped with proper degrees and skills as very soon, maybe in just a decade, at least two jobs in three will require higher education. The community college proposal is welcomed by education experts.

    This program is open to not only high school graduates but to everyone who has managed to maintain a GPA of 2.5. Bachelor’s degrees in community colleges will also accept students who wish to be transferred from two year community college programs. Application of funding however is not yet clear.

    Obama gave a lot of hope as he pointed out that at least 80,000 jobs were created by manufacturers now even as figures show that more number of students are finishing college than ever before.

    His proposal includes offering high quality childcare affordable for families from all economic strata. He also offered seven sick leave days in a year and $3000 tax cut per child for low income families. He also answered a question posed as to when women will enjoy equal wages like men for the same job they do that it is about time.

    Other issues he addressed include cyber security, new avenues for energy production and ways to combat climate change. Equality and inclusion were discussed as key values for American citizens.

    To a thunderous applause, Obama ended his speech saying that we wish to feel safer which is why we defend issues such as political prisoners advocate, free speech, religious minorities, persecution of women and those who are transgender, bisexual, gay or lesbian.


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