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  • Do I automatically get good quality education if I pay high tuition fees?
  • Posted By:
  • Jamie K
  • Posted On:
  • 03-Jul-2015
  • There is no disputing the fact that the cost of higher education in our country is rising continuously. More number of people today are always stressing about how they will be able to pay their child’s college education.

    Many go out of their way to arrange for funds to send their children to the best of schools. Does this however automatically translate to getting high quality education and enhanced career prospects? It is important to analyse this issue to know why some colleges that charge a fortune actually lag behind some others in terms of value offered for students.

    Recently a study was conducted by the Brookings Metropolitan Policy Program. The study ranked typical graduate students based on occupational earning power, midcareer earnings and loan repayment rate. This study aimed at finding out if a better overall situation emerged from paying high college costs.

    In a surprise twist, the study showed that Harvard grads do repaying their loans quickly by earning a lot. However, as compared to grads from schools such as New York based Clarkson University, California based Harvey Mudd College and Virginia based Washington and Lee University, grads from Harvard stayed far behind.

    This shows that a similar loan repayment success and salary structure was in the offing for schools that do not charge as much as institutions like Harvard. This translates to the fact that you do not have to pay a fortune in order to be assured of a lucrative salary structure and career prospects.

    The next aspect to consider is the field of study. Another study conducted by the US Census Bureau on earnings show that occupation group students earned lesser than bachelor’s degree students. This brings up a glaring truth that earnings may not be the same for all degrees and career paths.

    Students graduating from the field of technology certainly can earn more. However does this mean that those who are interested in arts are resigned to a compromised quality of life? Students must keep in mind realistic expectations when it comes to paying off their student loans and establishing a comfortable life when they choose their field even though this certainly does not mean that they should avoid going after their dreams.

    In today’s situation, one of the most affordable way to go is to get specialized training along with an associate degree in creative fields. As compared to a four year school, students can access basics to their careers by joining any of the community colleges offering courses at a fraction of the cost of a four year school.

    This is a route worth exploration for students aspiring to become a web developer, graphic designer or freelance photographer. If really talented, students can work independently to develop an impressive portfolio as this is another way to kick-start a lucrative career in this field. Without the burden of a massive student loan, students can look forward to great job prospects.

    No matter which institution you graduate from, you can expand your network and enhance your job prospects by accessing some of the largest alumni networks such as Indiana University and Penn State. Smart students leverage other resources such as LinkedIn to find that perfect job and realize their dream.


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