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  • Joe Biden echoes Obama’s higher education affordability plan
  • Posted By:
  • Jamie K
  • Posted On:
  • 08-Sep-2015
  • When Joe Biden took the stage at the Miami Dade College, he sounded exactly like a politician with an agenda. Sounding just like an election campaigner, he touched on various themes such as the middle class, the economy, immigration reform and higher education affordability.

    This does not mean that Biden is running now. However, it is clear that he is definitely thinking about it. His trip to Democratic counties Broward and Dade has kindled the curiosity of reporters and political observers who feel that his 2016 campaign may have just kick started.

    Biden addressed about 150 people at the MDC Science Complex. He noted the number of press the event had attracted and praised the school for being good enough for it. He hoped that the press was going to write about their interest in community colleges.

    In his impressive speech, Biden referred to people who did not have the fear of failing. He pointed that that in order to succeed, it is necessary for people to risk failure. He however did not respond when a few reporters questioned him about his future plans at the end of the program.

    Beau, Biden’s son died just three months ago of cancer and without doubt, Biden looked like he was grieving for him at the start of the speech. As he went along however, he started to warm up and spoke about leveraging the community colleges and getting students educated to equip them for good paying colleges.

    Biden also spoke well of Obama’s plan to offer free education for the first two years in community colleges. He pointed out to students that to write out a check for $6000 was definitely stressful for most of them.

    This event was attended by Carlos Curbelo, R-Miami and Frederica Wilson, D-Miami Gardens, two local Congress members. They had a private meeting with Biden even though it does not seem like they discussed his political plans.

    Wilson opined that if Biden did run for President, it would not be easy for Florida Democrats to choose between him and Hillary Clinton, the former Secretary of State. No matter who makes it, Democrats are using the strategy of repackaging Obama’s ideas and rhetoric, said Ali Pardo, the spokeswoman for Republican National Committee.

    According to Pardo, the need of the hour is a new direction, new leadership and brand new ideas. Looking closely at the situation, it does not seem to favour Biden when it comes to winning nomination as most party leaders and donors in Florida do not see a path.

    Biden is all set to promote our President’s Iran nuclear deal. He will do this on Thursday at Davie at the Senate Democrats fundraiser in coconut grove. This is an event that has been planned months ahead.

    Biden made a tour of the biotech lab at MDC before he started his speech. Clad in blue gloves and white lab coats, at least nine students held vials with sediment and green solution. One of the students Lilliam Hernandez Guerrero asked this natural retail campaigner if he would like to help. Biden replied that he preferred to watch. He joked that he did not want to feature in a press headline that states that he screwed up an experiment.


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