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  • Some Inputs on Obama Administration with Regard to Higher Education in America
  • Posted By:
  • Karen W.
  • Posted On:
  • 03-Feb-2016
  • This trend of choosing to opt overseas as a study destination for higher education has started off in the 20-th century and carried on right till the 21st century, and U.S. seems to work like a magnet where students are concerned. In other words, it is among the top most destinations favored by students wanting to pursue their higher education abroad.

    This is due to multiple reasons like the technology which is cutting-edge, support services, opportunities for funding which can be termed as ‘generous’, a wide range of educational options, hands-on training and curricula which is flexible.

    College affordability with the Obama Administration

    It has been found that college education has become more expensive as compared to even two years back and taking this into focus the Obama administration has been able to take strong action to curb this rising cost so that you have more of the younger generation opting to study more and not give up due to the price factor.

    This administration has been able to expand the options for loan repayment and make the debt of students more manageable. The annual aid in total to students has been increased to more than $50 billion from 2008 to 2016. With the changes made by the Obama administration it has
    been found that there are more students graduating college.

    Factors affecting the higher education in America

    * It was in 2016 that President Barrack Obama made a proposal of two years of free community college. This is a big help to students to get the first half of the bachelor’s degree free of cost and also earn skills which are essential for work. Innovative training programs have been expanded with the help of the

    American Technical Training Fund.

    * The Obama Administration made an investment in Pell Grants, and this investment is considered as a ‘landmark’ which was able to end subsidies of student loans for the private banks and shifted more than $60 billion in savings to taxpayers and students.

    * Since 2008 the Pell Grant Award has been raised to more than $1,000 and thus, the recipients of this award have been able to expand by one-third over this time. This was one way for millions who are of the low-income or middle class group to get access to higher education.

    * In 2009 the administration was able to establish the American Opportunity Tax Credit which could help families with the college costs providing around $10,000 for college for four years. By 2016, this American Opportunity Tax Credit would have helped around 10 million students in their higher

    Managing Student Loans

    The Obama Administration has been able to help students in managing their debts of student loans. The interest rates of these student loans have seen a drop and the repayment options for loans which are based on incomes has been expanded and improved.

    This has been able to ensure that borrowers of Direct Loans are able to cap the payments at 10% of their income and loan payments become more manageable. The Administration has been able to bring down the defaults in loan payments with the many policies implemented.


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