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  • Is higher education in America finally turning around?
  • Posted By:
  • Kathy H
  • Posted On:
  • 04-Feb-2016

  • America seems to be totally for ‘higher education’ for the younger generation and the Obama
    administration has shown active interest in this with the many changes in policies and reforms. These  tend to be helpful to students from all classes, be it the lower-income category or the middle class.

    It  will be a dream come true in the near future with most of the youngsters graduating with few complications, especially where the student loans are concerned. Few of the changes made by the Obama administration is proof enough for the seriousness of the administration to educate the Americans without any differentiation.

    * The first step taken by the administration is to eliminate tuition at community colleges immaterial
    whether a student received the Pell Grant or no. Students who receive financial aid can use the same for transportations, books and other supplies. This program is open to any student regardless of the fact  that he/she has finished high school or no.

    * Making the FAFSA simple is another step taken by the Obama administration. FAFSA is another name for the federal student aid application. The administration has decided to eliminate the questions in the form which are burdensome and tough to verify. Questions about clergy pay and untaxed benefits for veterans would be axed. The simplification of FAFSA has been a priority since long.

    * Obama intends using all his powers to make the student loan borrowers of federal direct eligible for the plan of loan repayment which works out convenient. One the proposal has been passed it will be able to cap the monthly payments of the borrowers at 10% of their income and also forget any remaining debt after a period of 20 years.

    * The ratings of college will give all the information required to the students and their families of the colleges the students are looking for.  These ratings will help the students to choose a college which offers the best value in terms of educatio0n and money.

    * The Obama administration wants the education provided by colleges to be based on competency as this will be able to lower costs and also improve the completion of college.

    * The administration has been concerned about some states in the regulation of universities and
    colleges and has thus pushed rules of ‘state authorizations’ in order to bolster higher education.

    * Being able to offer higher education based on the ‘competency’ factor can help lower the costs and also improve completion of college. The Obama administration seems to be concentrating on this.

    * Another factor this administration seems to lay emphasis on is the teacher-training programs. This can ensure students the jobs they are looking out for.

    * The administration is also trying to tighten the regulations on debit cards of students which might
    include a ban on certain types of fees.

    * A set of proposals by the Obama administration will be able to rewrite the regulations for higher
    education governing aids for students, universities and colleges.

    In short, the Obama administration intends making college affordable and convenient to the student with easy aids and grants.


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