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  • Reasons why international students choose the United States for higher education
  • Posted By:
  • Kathy H
  • Posted On:
  • 18-Feb-2016
  • Research shows that most students from all around the globe choose United States for their higher education. There are multiple reasons for doing so, one of which is you have some of the most well known institutions , like Stanford, Princeton, Harvard, Cornell and a lot more located here and passing it from one of these is assuring your professional life is a success.

    Some other reasons for students opting for the U.S, for pursuing their higher education are being sure of adding value to development professionally. Your horizons are definitely broadened and you are also exposed to different work cultures.

    The Obama Administration and higher education

    The Obama administration seems to have set a goal of achieving the highest number of college
    graduates globally. It is not easy but with the many changes proposed by the administration this goal seems achievable. This will also ensure security required by the middle class. In other words, college education will be more affordable, accessible and also attainable for all classes.

    Costs kept down

    The President intends to make reforms so that the hard working and well deserving students can pursue their higher education without being hassled about the costs, as, according to the administration, you cannot consider education as a luxury.

    The Obama Administration has been able to emphasize that the federal government colleges, states and universities play the role required to make college education affordable be being able to rein the costs of colleges and preparing students for a solid education so success is easy to achieve. A good education which is affordable will definitely bring down unemployment.

    Promoting value and affordability by reforms in Student Aid

    Our President has been able to propose reforms which can shift programs of campus-based aid from those colleges that are not able to keep the net tuition down to those universities and colleges which are able to make tuition fees affordable and accessible and can serve the needy students with valued education.

    College completion and affordability

    The Obama administration has also proposed incentives for states so that they are able to maintain their commitment to the required higher education. This challenge of ‘Race to the Top’ aims at increasing the number of college graduates and also containing the education costs. This challenge rewards those states who are willing to change the policies and practices of higher education.

    Improving Accountability and Transparency

    The President has made sure that his administration is able to provide the students and their families relevant information and tools that can help make decisions which are apt and in accordance to their finances for their goals in higher education.

    The ‘Know Before you owe’ campaign which includes the Financial Aid Shopping Sheet helps the students understand the costs of the different colleges and the aid they qualify for. This makes the enrollment procedure less time consuming and more convenient. This sheet also helps the students and their families compare the different colleges and universities before making their choice.


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