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  • Convenience factors related to Higher Education with the Obama Administration
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  • 22-Feb-2016
  •  As we all know the US education experience is considered as one of the best worldwide. The many private and government universities and colleges offer you a wide range of options and you can opt for the one which seems suitable to your requirement.

    The education got from a US college or university can be considered as a stamp for excellence for a life time. Being a student in the US you are able to make a number of contacts which can be of a great help for your future.

    US is considered as a ‘melting pot’ of a number of cultures which enables you to experience the different cultures from around the world. Getting a post-secondary credential or degree is essential and is considered as a prerequisite for the many job opportunities in the new economy.

    Making higher Education accessible to all

    Higher education in the US used to be unaffordable for most students and you found many students landing in huge debts. This is what the Obama administration intends changing and thus, making higher education affordable and accessible to all.

    Let us look at few of the steps taken by this administration to make higher education easier for students who tend to back out due to the costs.

    1. President Obama has been able to expand the federal support so that more students are able to afford college education. This administration has asked universities and colleges to share this responsibility of cutting down costs of higher education and make it more accessible to most middle class families.

    2. For the year 2014-15 the President has been able to raise the Pell Grant award to $5,730, which is an increase of almost $1,000 since the year 2008. Recipients of this award have increased to more than 50 percent under the Obama administration. This has made education for the middle-class and the lower middle class more accessible.

    3. This administration has been helpful to students in managing their education loan better. The changes made with the ‘Pay as you Earn’ are able to reduce the burden on the students where the loans are concerned. You also have a number of borrowers being eligible to consolidate FFEL and Direct Loans and save up to nearly half a percentage point on their rate of interest.

    4. The American Opportunity Tax Credit which was established in the year 2009 by the President was able to assist families  with the college costs by providing $10,000 for the required college tuition for a period of four years for those families earning $180,000 . This is able to benefit around 11.5 million families.

    5. It was in the year 2012 that President Obama proposed to the Congress to keep the interest rates on the lower side for those borrowers who opt for the Federal Student Loans. Now the rates on the Stafford loans are 3.4 percent as compared to 6.8 percent, which is nearly double. With the new bill signed by President Obama, the interest on new loans has been cut and helps an undergraduate student save up to nearly $15,000.

    Besides the above reforms the Obama administration intends making a whole lot of changes ensuring that higher education is more convenient in the United States.


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