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  • United States continues to be the destination of choice for international students
  • Posted By:
  • Karen W.
  • Posted On:
  • 27-Feb-2016
  • Before you make up your mind to travel overseas for higher education, it is advisable to do a
    thorough research of the different benefits different countries can offer. United States is one place
    which is a favored destination for students opting to study abroad and more so after Obama has
    become the President.

    This is a wise decision as our country offers unlimited opportunities for education; this Obama administration has managed to make education here more convenient. Let us look at some benefits offered here before we talk about the proposed changes by the Obama

    * Excellence in Academics

    As we all are aware, United States has some of the best universities offering courses in almost all fields. Be it the undergraduate level or the graduate level, students get an opportunity to work with some of the finest institutions with an appropriate training in their specific field.

    * Different opportunities available

    The United States is able to boast of universities in almost all fields so it works out easy for the students to opt for one after finding out the location and what the specific university has to offer. Some of the universities and colleges here stress on skills which are practical and employment related, while others on educational principles.

    * Technology which is termed as ‘cutting-edge’

    The colleges and universities in the United States pride themselves on being the best where research and techniques, technology and also where equipment is concerned. A student can gain skills in using the latest technology, conducting research besides processing and obtaining information. There are ways here to stay connected to the teachers, researchers and experts all around the world.

    * Flexibility assured

    A student can pick and choose courses and classes to meet the requirement of a specific course.
    Choosing topics for independent study, a student is able to emphasize the ideas he/she feels are important for their country and field.

    The proposal of the Obama Administration with regard to Education

    The budget of 2015 by the President is a reflection of the President’s belief of education being a vital investment. The request made by the President for $69 billion in appropriations which are discreet is a representation of an increase of nearly 2 percent for education.

    Three-quarters of this funding is for special education and financial aid for the students who are in college. 23 percent of the budget seems to target reforms and specific areas which are designed to bring major changes in the opportunity for education for all the students.

    The many reforms proposed by this administration is inclined towards making education more affordable and accessible to all the classes, including the lower middle-class.

    School Leaders and Teachers

    According to the Obama administration, just as all students should have access to all leaders and
    teachers, in the same manner, educators should be able to get all the support required to personalize learning.

    This can be done with the help of technology. The proposal of ConnectEDucators would be able to help with the funding so that educators can make good use of technology and data so that they
    are able to provide instructions which are career-ready for the students.


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