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  • Federal Student Financial Aid (FAFSA), College Scorecard and More
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  • Jamie K
  • Posted On:
  • 11-Mar-2016
  • President Obama is totally inclined in making the Education System in the United States accessible to as many students as possible. The administration is constantly putting forwards different reforms and proposals ensuring that each student, irrespective of belonging to the lower middle-class sector, is able to achieve the education required to ensure success in the chosen career.

    Education has been costly, more so in the United States, but with the Obama Administration there have been specific changes and more to follow.

    Financial Aid ensuring Higher Education

    President Obama feels that no student should be ‘priced’ out of college due to financial problems for which, the financial aid is much faster and also convenient for all those students who depend on this for their education.

    The Federal Government, under this administration, has been able to reform the system for student loan, increase the scholarships and been able to create tax credits for the working
    class, besides which, this administration has also managed to cap student loan payments, the ‘federal’ type, to a meager 10 percent of a family’s income.

    The FAFSA (Federal Student Financial Aid)

    With the changes made in the FAFSA form by the Obama Administration there are more students who are able to attend college. This form now takes around 20 minutes to fill out as compared to the 1 hour taken previously. It is less time consuming and more on the simpler side. This makes it possible for more students to take the initiative and avail of the student aid that the government is able to offer them. This development can be considered as ‘positive’.

    Availability of the FAFSA Form

    With the FAFSA Form being easily available, the families, besides the students will get to know how much financial aid they are eligible for and the requirements for the same. This can give them enough time to pick and choose their courses.

    Richmond’s Aid Program

    At present 67 percent of students in the undergraduate level are receiving aids in the Richmond
    University. Richmond in Reach, which is a Richmond’s program based on need-aid, you have around 40 percent of students who are able to demonstrate their need and receive 100 percent of their requirement. You also find 1 student of 10 receiving a scholarship which is based on merit.

    College Scorecard

    College Scorecard, which is a website released by the Obama administration is able to help students pick the apt schools for themselves. This website combines the cost of data, job placement and also value.

    The idea behind this website is to ensure that the students are able to pick the right choice of schools, so that they are ensured of a right career path and job placements. Besides this, it can also ensure the repayment of their loans after graduation.

    Besides the above mentioned changes and reforms, the Obama Administration has got a lot many proposals lined up to ensure that no student lags behind where higher education is concerned.

    Implementing changes might take some time but for sure, there will be a vast difference in the higher education in the United States, making it convenient for almost all students.


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