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  • Protecting Students and Aiding Student Loans
  • Posted By:
  • Jamie K
  • Posted On:
  • 19-Apr-2016
  • As we are aware that the Obama Administration is inclined in making education accessible to all sections of society, due to which they have been able to offer packages which can help the students in repaying the loans as this will be based on incomes and the borrowers will be able to repay the loans which will work out to only 10 percent of their income.

    To add to this, there are reforms put into place for campus cards which have been able to put the student consumers and also the tax payer’s dollars at risk. Students will find taking and repaying loans easier. It  was in the year 2014 a Presidential Memorandum was issued by the President directing the Education Department to make the changes required in the regulations so that the burden of loans on students is lessened.

    As of now, the REPAYE or the Revised Pay As You Earn regulation has been able to expand the options for repayment, allowing around 5 million more of Direct Loan Borrowers to be able to cap their monthly payment of the student loan at only 10 percent of their income without any consideration to the date when the borrower first obtained the required loan.

    The Student Aid Enforcement Unit

    This Enforcement Unit created by the Education Department of the US, will be able to respond
    efficiently and quickly to any allegations made of actions which are illegal by the educational
    institutions. The President has requested an additional amount of $13.6 million so that the Office of Federal Student Aid can work efficiently.

    This office works with the state and federal agencies to act after investigating any illegal activities by the educational institutions and in turn, protect the loan borrowers and students. This Enforcement Unit is divided into 4 sections which include:

    * AAASG or the Administrative Actions and Appeals Service Group

    This section ensures the imposing of administrative actions like Termination, Emergency, Suspension, Limitation or actions for Fines. This group will be able to resolve the appeals made by participants of the various programs from the suspension actions, initiate debarment from the final reviews and audit.

    * Borrower Defense Group

    The Borrowers of Direct Loans will be able to get the required advice and support besides legal analysis concerning the claims by this Borrower Defense Group. This unit will be able to analyze the claims and also investigate the institutions which are connected to this in accordance to the claims made by the borrower. This unit will be coordinating with the federal and state agencies.

    *Investigations Group

    This section will be able to identify any activity considered risky or even potential misconduct of the
    institutions of higher education. This unit will be able to protect the funding of the federal kind.

    * Clery Group

    This group requires universities and colleges which participate in the federal financial aid programs to be able to disclose the statistics connected to campus crime along with the information on security.

    The Education Department is inclined to investigate any violations that are harmful to tax payers and students and take the required action in a swift manner.


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