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  • Considering the Top 5 Universities in the US
  • Posted By:
  • Karen W.
  • Posted On:
  • 24-Sep-2016
  • With multiple options available in the US for higher education, it can get a little confusing for any student opting for this destination for their studies. You find almost 150 leading universities here offering opportunities in different streams.

    The most popular streams for higher education, according to a recent study, are mathematics, engineering, business management and computer science.

    New York and California are two states which boast of the best universities in the US, with 12 universities and are followed by Massachusetts and Texas, which have 9 universities each. Among the top 5, we have the

    * California Institute of Technology
    California Institute of Technology has seen a number of successful graduates with 34 Nobel Prizewinners, 5 Field Medalists, 6 Turing Award Winners, besides multiple national award winners. In 2016, this university appears in the top 5 for physical sciences, technology and engineering and also life sciences. This community of CalTech Alumni includes multiple public advisers and politicians in positions dealing with energy, technology and science. There are number of students who opt to continue in this university for their PhD.

    * Stanford University
    This university which is referred as “The Farm” covers 8,180 acres of the Palo Alto Stock Farm of the Stanford Family. Many of the faculty members, alumni and students have founded start-ups and technology companies like Hewlett-Packard, Google and Snap chat. The campus, which has red-roofed buildings, is one of the most beautiful ones globally. As considered as one of the best universities, Stanford tends to be extremely competitive with the admission rate to a mere 5 percent.

    * Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    This institute is considered as a rival to the CalTech but has been able to cultivate a culture which is entrepreneurial. The courses for graduates and undergraduates are not totally separate and can be taken at any level. The undergraduate program is considered as one of the most selective programs with the admissions being only 8 percent of the total applicants. Computer Sciences and Engineering are popular among the undergraduates. According to the rankings publishes in the Times Higher Education ths university is in the top 5 list in the physical sciences, Engineering and Technology, arts and humanities and social sciences.

    * Harvard University
    This university is the most reputed university world-wide. It is the oldest institutions for higher education, founded in the year 1636. Though the costs on the higher side, the university offers a lot of financial aid to its students. This university has 79 libraries, which makes it the largest library of the academic nature in the world. Among the many alumni, Harvard counts 150 Nobel laureates, 8 US presidents, 62 billionaires and 13 winners of the Turing Award. Harvard is considered as one of the best not only for technology and science but also for arts and humanities. 

    * Princeton University
    This university, like Harvard, is considered as a prestigious Ivy League university which has a history of almost 200 years. Princeton boasts of a social environment which is distinctive which include ‘private eating clubs’. Many of these clubs are competitive and selective but the others can be signed up by the undergraduates. The degree courses require the students to do research on an independent basis and also take up a course of foreign language. The process of application is considered as selective.


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