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Obama: A Disappointment So Far...
Dear Readers, I’m disappointed in Obama; as an independent (for years now), I, like many others, voted for him in the hope that he would be something different.....

Paul Heller
Recession brings reforms too
Recession had its effects – mostly visible ones but a few not so visible ones too. One couldn’t imagine that the financial setup for aiding schools would....

Looking towards new horizons - Harvard professorship in lesbian, gay and bisexual studies
It was a taboo to a homosexual in the early part of the 20th century. You were looked down upon and then you were considered an outcast. Over the time things changed.....

Jamie K
Awaiting the winds of change - Breaking through "Bamboo Ceiling" for Asian Americans
Many of us have been victims of racism at some point in our lives. We cannot help it if you were born Asians and then our parents and families migrated elsewhere. While....

Jan R
Is the Answer to Have More Guns on Campus?
On Thursday, April 16th, the 2nd anniversary of the Virginia Tech shootings, over two hundred University of Texas students made the trip to Austin, Texas to protest....


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