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  • Remediating Pharmaceutical Water System Biofilm - What to Do
    After It Gets Ahead of You

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  • ComplianceOnline
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  • Monday - Jun 03, 2013 10:00 AM
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  • Monday - Jun 03, 2013 11:00 AM
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  • Online
  • This pharmaceutical water systems webinar training will discuss what you should do when your monitoring data tells you that you may have a significant biofilm problem. It covers how to verify that the data and your interpretation of the data are correct, as well as the location of the problem which gives you clues as to what caused the problem and its impact on manufacturing and product.

    Why Should You Attend:

    Unfortunately, the point when some personnel begin to think about the possibility of having biofilm is after it may have already gotten out of control. Any Gram negative microbial counts at all means you already have biofilm, but when counts approach your process control levels, it usually means that biofilm is rampant, thick and out of control. If it is not brought back under control quickly, it will get much worst.

    This webinar will not only allow you to recognize when biofilm has gotten out of control, but also, very importantly, how to bring it back under control and assuring it has been effective. But these measures are generally very extreme and not something you would want to routinely execute. So finding and attacking the source of the problem will allow you to understand how to prevent it from recurring and having to go through these extreme mitigation efforts yet again.

    This webinar also covers the extraordinary sanitization strategies you can use to kill and remove the biofilm, and importantly, verifying the success of your efforts. These efforts are far more involved than routine microbial controls, so effective prevention is far better and cheaper than mitigating it after it has gotten out of control.

    Areas Covered in this Webinar:

    - Are you sure there is a problem?
    - What is the scope of the problem?
    - What caused the problem?
    - What can remediate the problem?
    - What can prevent its recurrence?
    - Are you sure it worked?
    - Prevention is far easier than remediation!
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