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Tuesday, Dec 08, 2009 12:19 AM

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  • Beware of School like Crescent Preparatory High School         

Hello friends,

This is very important to pay more attention at the time of selection of your school. I am writing my real experience here:

My name is Sheryl John and I am 13 years old that means this is the golden time of my career and need correct guidance from school and teachers. I enrolled myself in an online virtual school "Crescent Preparatory High School" 2 year ago which was my worst decision in my life ever. It's been two years I am just paying money and they are making me frustrated. Believe me several time their website is non-functional or functioning wrong which is a vital thing for an online / virtual school. I have had to submit assignments 3-4 times and I had been wasting my time for doing same thing again & again. And finally I couldn't get in myself for other classes and chapters.

If you love your career and time never go with them because they are totally irresponsible. They will even not take your call or will not respond your email / chat once you are enrolled. Their service ends with enrolling students and they do nothing thereafter.
Sheryl J.
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Tuesday, Dec 08, 2009 12:22 AM

I had also enrolled myself 1 year ago. Till then I am unable to access my student panel. Every time I am complaining and they are providing me a new login details which are expiring just after a certain period. I know you are thinking that I haven't paid them but in-fact I had paid them two times

After my first payment they told me that we didn't received any payment and have had to make another payment cause I was looking to enrolled myself with them.

I have called up several times their Admission department and student department but they are not ready to even check whether they have received my payment or not.

Admissions Office
6700 Village Way
Building A
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 33314

Please never enrolled yourself in Crescent Preparatory High School because they are playing with student futures. I am planning to hire a lawyer because I have payment transaction number with me.
Julie PAR.
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Tuesday, Dec 08, 2009 12:29 AM - A Reply to Julie's post (Post #2)

Oh my GOD! Thanx for this information. My parent were planning ti enroll me in Crescent Preparatory High School. Now I will tell my parent to save my future by not enrolling me there.

Keep posting such helpful information. Thanx again
Sean WIL.
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Wednesday, Jan 13, 2010 11:04 PM - A Reply to Sean's post (Post #3)

Royal Rip off! I am 19 and a high school dropout. Dana’s school promised that I would get a high school diploma if I paid for the High School Equivalency Exam. I did, but its all a big big scam. They just take your money and dont teach a dime's worth. They expect that you have all the knowledge to pass the exams. Their online tutorials never work and you end up paying them to study yourself.

Jeff Landsberg
Jeff LAN.
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Thursday, Mar 04, 2010 2:16 AM

You are not the only one. I want to add my experience similar to Sheryl and yours. It’s a complete fraud and my child wasted one full year trying to finish the year’s courses. Every time we checked and it showed that my daughter had completed 70% of her classes. She couldn’t take her exams because all her assignments suddenly went missing. We were told that there was a server problem, but thereafter no one returns my calls. She is completely shattered and wants to opt out now. What a waste of time and money. You are right…may be a class action law suit will bring this scam to its legit end.
oliver M.
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