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Job No. 138978

  • Job Title:
  • Post-doctoral Fellow Pediatric- Cancer Biology
  • Employer:
  • University of Massachusetts Medical School Worcester
  • Location:
  • -- , MA
  • Posting Date:
  • 23-Sep-2017
  • Description:
  • A position is avialable for Post doctoral fellowship in cancer biology /translational biology in the laboratory of Dr. Jason Shohet at UMass Medical School. Our laboratory investigates the molecular pathogenesis and developmental biology of Neuroblastoma. This aggressive malignancy of young children originates from embryonic neural crest and arises from the peripheral sympathetic nervous system. Current NIH RO1 funded projects include defining and targeting cancer stem cell subpopulations. Additional projects include evaluating the role of MYCN in chromatin modification as well as interactions of MYCN and p53. Our goals are to develop innovative therapies based on in vitro and in vivo tumor models to improve survival (currently less than 50%) and decrease morbidity from chemotherapy based treatment. We are looking for an ambitious, highly motivated postdoctoral fellow with outstanding laboratory and critical thinking skills.
    - Cancer stem cell/ tumor heterogeneity project: We have defined a novel subpopulation with CSC properties, which have distinct phenotypic epigenetic and microRNA profiles. Multiple approaches including in vivo orthotopic and pdx tumor modeling, are used to validate novel therapeutic approaches. (Refs. PMID: 23687340, PMID: 25908586)
    - MYCN oncogene: Extensive studies define a major role for MYCN in neuroblastoma tumorigenesis. Targeting downstream interactions of this oncogene, impact one chromatin structure and function, and its impact on p53 drug responses is a major interest. (see PMID: 24348903, PMID: 24335960)
    -Neuroblastoma developmental biology: Understanding how neural crest development is altered and leads to the highly heterogeneous malignancy is major interest. Approaches may include use of neural tube explants and iPSCs as sources of early neural crest progenitors.
    (see PMID: 25386934, PMID: 28459463)
    Additional publications can be found at (click here to go to MY )
    Successful applicants should have excellent experimental expertise in molecular biology (CRISPR/Cas, shRNA, cloning and qPCR) and/or mouse models of cancer. Preferred expertise includes live-animal imaging, and strong molecular biology skills including eukaryotic tissue culture of primary and secondary tumor cell lines. Experience with flow cytometry and FACS purification of cell subsets is a plus. Skills assessing transcription factor binding and gene activation (ChIP-seq, RNA profiling, enhancer analysis) would also be beneficial.
    Interested applicants should send a curriculum vitae, 1 – 2 publication reprints, and names/contact information of three references.
  •  Contact information:
  • University of Massachusetts Medical School Worcester
  • --, MA 1655
  • United States
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