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Appalachian State University Computer Lab Services
This is the link to the computer lab services in Appalachian State University.There are now close to 2,500 public workstations across campus. The largest student computing facility is in Belk Library,....
University Services
Appalachian State University Bookstore
University Bookstore Providing books, merchandise and supplies. Sales at the Appalachian State University are limited to students, staff and faculty as well as their families. When alumni and campus....
Other Campus Resources
Appalachian State University Career Center
Career Fairs provide networking opportunities for students to meet with potential employers recruiting ASU students. Steps to success, The Career Development Center assists current students, graduating....
University Services
Appalachian State University Health Services
The Mary S. Shook Student Health Services exists to meet the health needs of the students of Appalachian State University. All registered full-time students who are currently attending class are eligible....
University Services
Appalachian State University Counseling & Psychological Services
We are delighted to serve the ASU community. We hope that you will see us as a hospitable resource. We are eager to serve you or help you get established in a satisfactory and healthy lifestyle. Our doors....
University Services
Appalachian State University Housing
THE FIRST STEP TOWARDS ON-CAMPUS HOUSING IS THROUGH OUR DOOR! The Housing area is responsible for several aspects that have an impact on our resident student population. This area of the Department....
Apartments and Housing
Appalachian State University Off Campus Living
Welcome to Off-Campus and Transfer Student Services! The mission of the Office of Off-Campus Community Relations is to enhance the quality of life for off-campus and transfer students, and the community;....
Apartments and Housing
Appalachian State University Student Support Services
Student Support Services (SSS) provides supportive services to modest income and/or first generation college students. The program helps students become successful college graduates. Services provided....
University Services
Appalachian State University Tutoring Services
Supplemental Instruction (SI) is a program offered in cooperation between the Learning Assistance Program and the Departments of Biology and Chemistry. Only students who have taken the introductory....
University Services
Appalachian State University Writing Center
The University Writing Center (UWC) offers free services to students, faculty, and staff of Appalachian State University. Anyone who would like to discuss a piece of writing with an informed, sensitive....
University Services

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