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Programmers need ethics when designing the technologies that influence people's lives
Cherri M. Pancake, Oregon State University Computing professionals are on the front lines of almost every aspect of the modern world. They’re involved in....

Why accountability efforts in higher education often fail
Robert Kelchen, Seton Hall University As the price tag of a college education continues to rise along with questions about academic quality, skepticism about....

Obama: A Disappointment So Far...
Dear Readers, I’m disappointed in Obama; as an independent (for years now), I, like many others, voted for him in the hope that he would be something different.....

Paul Heller
Holiday trouble!
 Three  hundred and sixty five days make up a year. Out of which many are considered holidays and vacations. What if two more days were added as holidays?....

Get hype with web 2.0 ?
Have you heard of e-learning? No? Yes? Well you should be living on the moon if you have not heard of e-learning buddy! By now everyone will have heard it and known....

Turning new leaf with Web 2.0
What does one do all day at home? Well, different people might indulge in different activities but in the recent past it has been seen that the most youngsters spend....

Recession brings reforms too
Recession had its effects – mostly visible ones but a few not so visible ones too. One couldn’t imagine that the financial setup for aiding schools would....

Exploring the World Wide Web for elearning
Education and learning was meant for the boring classrooms with sleepy students who barely heard anything the professor had to say. The professors on the other hand,....

Grace W
Looking towards new horizons - Harvard professorship in lesbian, gay and bisexual studies
It was a taboo to a homosexual in the early part of the 20th century. You were looked down upon and then you were considered an outcast. Over the time things changed.....

Jamie K
Awaiting the winds of change - Breaking through "Bamboo Ceiling" for Asian Americans
Many of us have been victims of racism at some point in our lives. We cannot help it if you were born Asians and then our parents and families migrated elsewhere. While....

Jan R
Discovering a whole new world with Web 2.0
Since the advent of e-learning, more and more schools and universities are encouraging the students to make use of the Web 2.0 tools and social networks to stay....

New formulas for school funds!
The recession hassled the country to scrutinize each and everything before anyone can grant anymore funds to anyone and for anything. Therefore, the New Jersey court....

Jamie K
Teacher Retirement Plan
Like the phenomenon of the recession wasn’t enough for the US, now a recent report states that most the school/college teachers will be retiring in the next....

Jan R
More Funding for Universities
In today’s depressed economy, when parents have lost their jobs and savings, more and more students are finding it so difficult to justify attending post secondary....

Jan R
Is the Answer to Have More Guns on Campus?
On Thursday, April 16th, the 2nd anniversary of the Virginia Tech shootings, over two hundred University of Texas students made the trip to Austin, Texas to protest....

Relocation: Moving For a New Job
The job market can sometimes be tough to master. Especially in hard economic times-such as today-there are way fewer jobs to choose from and much more competition....

Bill Q
Study Abroad - an Education & Lifetime Experience
The opportunity to study abroad is an experience that's dreamed about by many but, unfortunately, experienced by few. Many students that think about studying abroad....

Student Debt Consolidation Program Eases The Burden Of Student Loans
A good number of students who pursue college education have to shoulder the responsibility of a student loan. The federal government has made provisions to ensure....

Starting Early For A Greener Tomorrow
The future looks bleak to some and green to others. If you are a part of your college’s green campus program, you will understand what it means here. The....

David B.
Importance Of Good Writing Skills For College Students
Writing well is an art that every body should master in order to be successful. Writing well means conveying thoughts, ideas, and facts in simple and clear language.....

David B.

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