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    $90 FlatFee Virus Removal Service

  • Posted by:
  • Richard
  • Posted On:
  • 19-Sep-2009
  • Description:

    Virus Removal Service
    30+ Years Experience
    $90.00 Flat-Fee Removal Service
    24-Hour Turn-Around Time.
    Drop-Off at our Montreal West Store.
    Pickup next business day at 5PM.
    I do NOT erase and re-format your hard disk.
    I fight the virus and remove it!
    Virus Removal
    Intruder Removal
    Spyware Removal
    Trojan Removal
    Attacker Removal
    Also Hijackers, Keyloggers and Worms Removed.
    (All the above commonly referred to as Malware).
    I also remove hidden Rootkit Viruses.
    I will help you prevent viruses in the future.
    A famous anology: To clean a floor you do not simply mop the floor.
    First you sweep, then you vacuum the edges and corners.
    Before you start you move the furniture and pickup the big pieces by hand.
    Finally you mop. That is FOUR different procedures to do one job.
    Similarly I install FREE and Effective Anti-Virus Software (Mopping),
    then I install FREE Spyware Removal Software (Sweeping).
    I also install FREE Anti-Malware Software (Vacuuming).
    Finally I install a FREE Cleaner that cleans-up hidden temporary files (Picking up the big pieces by hand and moving the furniture).
    I will help "EMPOWER" you so that you can protect yourself in the future.
    I like my clients BUT I do NOT want to see you back with another virus in the future.
    Some Anti-Virus Software claim to be the Swiss-Army Knife of the Ant--Virus World.
    That may be true, but if you were a carpenter and I gave you the little 4" saw blade from the Swiss-Army Knife
    and I told you to work all-day long everyday with it, you would look at me like I was crazy.
    Similarly the screwdriver from a Swiss-Army Knife is useful in a "pinch" but if you had to use it all the time you would go crazy.
    The same story with the little hammer or even the knife blade.
    Which kitchen cook or Chef would use a Swiss-Army Knife to cut or pare vegetables all day long long. The answer: NONE!
    So instead of one tool that does a "Poor" Job in-a-pinch, I provide four proper tools, like a seperate saw, screwdriver, hammer and knife.
    If you like my approach and philosophy, you are not alone. I have already removed thousands of viruses on different clients computers,
    and I use these same proven tools for everybody because they are safe, proven, effective and FREE!
    My name is Richard and you can contact me Monday-Saturdays from 12:00 Noon - 6PM at 438-938-6240.
    My store address is 16 Westminster Ave. N., Suite 100B (Basement) Montreal West, H4X 1Z1.
    I am 100 feet North of Sherbrooke Street West, across from the Pharmaprix and next to the patesserie.
    The company is Ultrasoft Innovations, Specialists in Notebook Computers since 1986.
    I don't do this as a hobby or pasttime. It is my profession for the past two decades.
    I am not a student and you will not be my "guinea pig" to experiment on.

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