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    The Volumes of Luisa Piccarreta - $25 (Miami Beach, FL)

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  • Anna
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  • 08-Oct-2009
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    The 36 Volumes of the "Book of Heaven" written by Luisa Piccarreta on the revelations of Jesus on the gift of living in the Divine Will. Jesus wishes to restore the gift Adam and Eve possessed in the Garden of Paradise, but lost it when they sinned against God and consequently were driven out of Paradise. All one has to do is to ardently desire this gift, give up your human way of acting, place all your acts in His Divine Will, and Jesus will give it to you. In order to acquire this gift, one has to learn and know how to live in His Will. This is explained in 36 volumes (in sets of 4 books) priced from $15-$30. To order the books, go to our Website or call Frank at 305-864-1683.
    Luisa was a mystic and victim soul who was confined to her bed with an illness that no doctor could identify, and who lived only on the Eucharist and the Divine Will for 64 years. She did not eat or drink for all these years, and when her confessors ordered her to eat, she would promptly regurgitate the food entire and whole, as though she had not chewed it.
    Jesus also gave her the gift of His five Holy Wounds, though at her insistence, they never became visible.
    She was confided with the greatest Mission on Earth since Jesus and Our Blessed Mother, that is to herald the Kingdom of the Divine Will on Earth, a New Era in which man will live a life of Divine Holiness, as God had originally planned.
    These writings are so important that Jesus wishes that the Church place them on a par with the Old and New Testament.
    Luisa’s cause for Beatification was opened by Rome in 1994.

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