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The intention of the course is to develop a broad skill set for research in biomedical optics including the fundamentals of light-tissue interaction, technologies such as microscopy, lasers and fiber optics and issues related to animal and human research. The lecture series will also introduce current clinical and basic biology challenges that may be addressed by optical solutions. The students will prepare a report summarizing the critical issues of selected challenges and will propose technical solutions.

Recommended Texts

Hecht, Eugene. Optics. Boston, MA: Addison-Wesley Longman, Inc., 2001.

Saleh, Bahaa, and Malvin Teich. Fundamentals of Photonics. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley & Sons, 1991.

Siegman, Anthony. Lasers. Sausalito, CA: University Science Books, 1986.

Grading Policy

Class Participation20%
Two Reports40% each


1IntroductionBrett E. Bouma
2Basics of Optics IBrett E. Bouma
3Basics of Optics IIBrett E. Bouma
4Basics of Optics IIIBrett E. Bouma
5Basics of Optics IVBrett E. Bouma
6Light Propagation in TissueBrett E. Bouma
7Propagation ModellingBrett E. Bouma
8Optical ComponentsBrett E. Bouma
9Anatomy/Pathology IGuillermo J. Tearney
10Wellman Center Lab TourMid-Term paper due
11Optical Coherence Tomography IGuest
12Optical Coherence Tomography IIGuest
13Anatomy/Pathology IIGuillermo J. Tearney
14Cells/Histopathology and Microscopic ScatteringGuillermo J. Tearney
15Cells/Histopathology and Microscopic Scattering IIGuillermo J. Tearney
16Macroscopic Tissue Optics IGuillermo J. Tearney
17Macroscopic Tissue Optics IIGuillermo J. Tearney
18MicroscopyGuillermo J. Tearney
19Confocal/Endoscopic ConfocalGuillermo J. Tearney
20Two-photon MicroscopyGuest
21Polarization in TissueJohannes F. de Boer
22Optics in OphthalmologyJohannes F. de Boer
23Absorption, Diffuse Reflection, Light Scattering SpectroscopyJohannes F. de Boer
24Raman, Fluorescence Lifetime ImagingJohannes F. de Boer
25Photo-acoustic ImagingJohannes F. de Boer
26Speckle and Weak LocalizationJohannes F. de BoerFinal paper due


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