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Lecture Notes

Lecture Notes

This section includes all the lecture notes that were given to students throughout the semester.

1EgoismLecture 1 (PDF)
2Egoism and the Belief-desire TheoryLecture 2 (PDF)

Lecture 3 (PDF)
3IntentionLecture 4 (PDF)
4Intention; AkrasiaLecture 5 (PDF)
5Akrasia and Weakness of WillLecture 6 (PDF)
6Strength of WillLecture 7 (PDF)
7Resolution and RationalityLecture 8 (PDF)

Lecture 9 (PDF)
8AddictionLecture 10 (PDF)
9Free Will ILecture 11 (PDF)

Lecture 12 (PDF)
10Free Will IILecture 13 (PDF)

Lecture 14 (PDF)
11Identification and AutonomyLecture 15 (PDF)
12Self-DeceptionLecture 16 (PDF)
13Moral Motivation ILecture 17 (PDF)

Lecture 18 (PDF)
14Moral Motivation, Personality and Moral TestimonyLecture 19 (PDF)

Lecture 20 (PDF)


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