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Lecture Notes

Lecture Notes

1Introduction to the Course (PDF)
2Syntax I (PDF)
3Syntax II (PDF)
4Syntax III (PDF)
5Sentence Parsing (PDF)

Sentence Comprehension I
6Sentence Comprehension II (PDF)
7Sentence Comprehension III (PDF)
8Test 1
9Sentence Processing IV (PDF)
10Semantic and Pragmatic Processing (PDF)
11Sentence and Discourse Comprehension (PDF)
12Discourse Comprehension (PDF 1) (PDF 2)
13Neural Imaging and Language Processing (PDF)
14Neural Networks and Language Processing
15Test 2
17Speech (PDF)
18Speech (cont.) (PDF)
19Speech Perception and Production (PDF)
20Words: Visual Word Recognition (PDF)
21Language Acquisition (PDF)
22Language Production
23Review Session
24Test 3
25Language and Thought I
26Language and Thought II


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