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Research Paper

This is a research paper. Maximum length: 15 pages, with double-space interline and 12pt font size. This paper will expand on one or more of the topics that will be discussed in class and/or in the readings. This project can be on any class-related topic(s) that capture(s) your imagination - either positively or negatively! It may include your own empirical and theoretical observations and your own critical thoughts about papers we will discuss in class. Ideally your term project will examine specific empirical and theoretical questions regarding some Creole language(s) and, if relevant, issues of identity. Your paper will contribute to the field via some novel insights to be based on your research and, if possible, on some personal linguistic and/or socio-cultural experience. Since this is a linguistics class, a substantial component of your project will be devoted to strictly linguistic issues having to do with morphology and syntax. Please let me know as soon as you start having some ideas on what you may be do your project on.

Additional Assignments 

More exact requirements (e.g. how many homework assignments and presentations) will depend on class size and on students' interests. Students will submit occasional works via e-mail, including critiques of readings and some hands-on analyses of Creole data.


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