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1Introduction. Machiavelli, excerpt from The Prince
2More: excerpt from Utopia
Montaigne: Of Cannibals
3Montaigne: Of Repentance, Of Diversion, Of Conserving the Will
4Montaigne: excerpt from Of Experience Shakespeare, King Lear
5Shakespeare: King Lear
6Shakespeare: King Lear
7Excerpts from Hobbes: Leviathan
8Jonathan Swift: Gulliver's Travels, IV
9Jonathan Swift: (concluded)First Paper Due
(Six Pages)
10Rousseau: On the Origins of Inequality
11Rousseau: (concluded)
12Wordsworth: Tintern Abbey; excerpts from The Prelude
13Wordsworth: (concluded)
14Wordsworth: (concluded)
15Immanuel Kant: excerpt from The Metaphysical Foundation of Morals
16Jane Austen: Pride and PrejudiceSecond Paper Due
(Six Pages)
17Jane Austen (continued)
18Jane Austen (continued)
19Balzac: Père Goriot
20Balzac (continued)
21Balzac (continued)
22Friedrich Nietzsche, excerpts from The Geneology of Morals
23Nietzsche, (concluded)
24George Bernard Shaw, Major Barbara
25George Bernard Shaw, Major Barbara
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