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Lec #topicskey dates
Lines of Influence: Petrarch and Ovid
2Petrarch and Ovid
Sidney and the Contexts of Renaissance Verse
4Sidney's Precursors: Wyatt and Surrey
5Constructing the Poetic Self
7Screening of Man for All Seasons
8The English Court under Elizabeth I
9The English Court under Elizabeth I (cont.)
Sidney to Spenser and Shakespeare
10Edmund SpenserThree page response paper due in class
11Edmund Spenser (cont.)
12Shakespeare's Sonnets (Selections)
13Shakespeare's Sonnets (Selections) (cont.)Essay 1 due (4-6 pages) four days after Lec #13 (by midnight)
Donne and Marvell
14John Donne, Songs and Sonnets (Selections)Commonplace books and student sonnets due in class
15Money, Colonialism and Gender
16Cartography and Poetry: Maps and Bodies
17Renaissance Neo-Platonism
18Andrew Marvel
Poetry and Religion
19John Donne
20John Donne (cont.)
21George Herbert
22George Herbert, Mary Wroth, Amelia LanyerProspectus for research essay along with preliminary annotated bibliography due
Poetry, Place, History
23Amelia Lanyer, Ben Johnson, Andrew Marvell
24The Civil WarDraft of research essay due in class
25Student Meetings to Discuss Final Essay Draft
26The Civil War (cont.)
27Student Meetings to Discuss Final Essay Draft (If necessary) (cont.)Research essay due (12-15 pages) five days after Lec #27


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