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Assignment Final Project (PDF)
Please choose one of the following ideas for your final project. Other options are possible too but please discuss them with me first. Project concepts need to be presented in class #26, final projects by one day after class #25. Projects need to be accompanied by a detailed documentation (see also below).
  1. ELIZA Version
    Design and implement a new version of ELIZA with a different character (other than a doctor or psychiatrist) as a conversation partner. Please document your approach thoroughly (script, transformation rules, dictionary, use of memory function, etc.).

  2. Game Concept
    Develop a thorough concept for a game that plays with the notion of multiple and parallel narratives, multiple point of views, and characters. The project also needs to provide a clear concept for the interaction of the users/gamers with the game, its characters, and the plot(s). Please document your project thoroughly and prepare a class presentation that visualizes your game concept.

  3. Non-linear Story/Poetry
    Use StorySpace or any other non-linear editing tool to produce a nonlinear story or a longer poem that takes into account multiple perspectives and story lines. Design your lexia carefully so that a reader can have multiple and different readings of your story. Please document your project with a description of the concept, characters, plot, navigation, and reader participation.

  4. Transformation of an Existing Narrative into a Digital Space
    Similarly to the first assignment you can take an existing narrative and turn it into an interactive/non-linear story. Your project can also contain multimedia elements. The documentation needs to describe sufficiently in what way your implementation adds to the reader’s experience.

  5. Digital Multimedia Project
    This project should explore notions of narrative, interactivity, and interface with a variety of media such as video, audio, text, animation, images, etc. This project needs to be accompanied by a detailed documentation of the overall concept, its implementation and envisioned user experience.

  6. Extension of One of the Previous Class Projects
    You can extend one of your previous class projects (non-linear narrative and audio project). The final project needs to show a significant enhancement/modification form the original version. The final project needs to be fully implemented. Documentation about the changes, the concept behind it and implementation notes need to be provided as well.

All project documentation should clearly reference the theoretical texts that we’ve read in this class (or others insofar you’ve used them for your project). All projects should also be posted to our shared site (if possible).



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