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Lecture Notes

Lecture Notes

This page presents a set of vocabulary sheets that outline the key terms, concepts and characters covered in lectures, plus assorted handouts. Note that some vocabulary sheets are used for several lectures in a row.

FYI sheets (PDF) (This document has a compiled list of emailed handouts and communications that were circulated to the students before or after lectures as background and/or follow-up information on questions and points raised in specific lectures.)

1-2Introduction: The Search for Human Ancestors, Approaches to the Study of Human Evolution and an Introduction to Human Osteology

Sheet 1 (PDF)

3-4Evolutionary Processes and Time Scales
5Modern Primates and their Relevance to Understanding Human OriginsSheet 2 (PDF)
6Tertiary Higher Primates: Our Pre-Hominid PredecessorsSheet 3 (PDF)
7-8Earliest Hominids: The Australopithecines and AffinesSheet 4 (PDF)
9Early Hominids - Variations and Taxonomy - Presentations

Sheet 4 (cont.)

Sheet 5 (PDF)

10Hominid/Human Origins: Hypotheses and Speculation
11Early Homo: How Should Homo Be Defined?Sheet 6 (PDF)
12-13The Archaeology of the Early Hominids I: Olduvai Gorge and Koobi ForaSheet 7 (PDF)

Handout 1 (PDF)

14The Archaeology of the Early Hominids II: Interpreting Early Hominid Behavior and Current Research DirectionsSheet 7 (cont.)
15Midterm Exam
16Homo ergaster and erectus: Emerging Modern MorphologySheet 8 (PDF)Handout 2 (PDF)
17Slowly Emerging Modern Behaviors: Early Stone Age / Lower Palaeolithic AgeSheet 8 (cont.)

Handout 2 (cont.)

Handout 3 (PDF)

18Homo heidelbergensis and neanderthalensis or Early "Archaic" H. sapiens?Sheet 9 (PDF)
19-20"Archaics": Not Quite Us Physically, Not Quite Us Mentally

Sheet 9 (cont.)

Sheet 10 (PDF)

Handout 4 (PDF)
21Origin of Modern Homo sapiens : Morphology and Genetic EvidenceSheet 11 (PDF)

Handout 5 (PDF)

Handout 6 (PDF)

22-23Modern Homo sapiens I: Cultural Diversity Becomes the Norm

Sheet 11 (cont.)

Sheet 12 (PDF)

24Modern Homo sapiens II: To the Threshold of CivilizationSheet 13 (PDF)
25-26Modern Human Diversity: Distribution, Morphological Variation and "Races"Sheet 13 (cont.)


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