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These topics were chosen and presented by the students in the Fall 2006 class. Each year, each student signs up for 4 dates and is responsible for presenting a lecture in class on each of those dates.

2Stable marriage problem
3Pattern-avoiding permutations, weighted Dych patterns
4Emergency response vehicles
5Game theory
74 and 5 color theorems
8Cake-cutting algorithms
9RSA encryption
10Extrapolated numerical integration
11Sorting algorithms
12Post correspondence problem (PCP)
13Ramsey theory and Van der Waals' theoremPick a topic for final paper project
14Fibonacci numbers
154 color theorem
17Domino tilings
18Towers of Hanoi
19Pigeonhole principle and Ramsey theory
20Surreal numbers
21Matrix hamming codes and the hat gameConstruct outline of final paper project
23Zero-knowledge proofs
24Game theory: Repeated games
25Lewis Carroll's theorem for computing determinants
26Nash equilibriumSubmit first draft of final paper project
275 proofs of the infinitude of primes
28Bridges of Konigsberg
29Time series analysis: GARCH model
30Rational recurrence relations
31Digital image compression
32Quantum computing
33Fundamental methods of numerical extrapolation with applications
35Markov chains
36Catalan numbers
37Election Theory
38Advanced counting techniques
39Class wrap-upSubmit completed final paper project


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