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Lecture Notes

Lecture Notes

1Mass Conservation, Euler's Equation

Sound Speed, Mach Number

Ideal Gases

Steady Isentropic Flow, Stagnation State
3Variable Area Flow, Choked Flow, Subsonic and Supersonic Nozzles, Restrictors(PDF)
4Energy Equation

Entropy Equation

Flow with Fricton, Fanno Line
5Flow with Heat Addition, Rayleigh Line

Shock Waves: Conservation Relations
6Hugoniot Relation, Normal Shocks, Moving Shocks, Weak and Strong Shocks(PDF)
7Oblique Shocks

8Continuum Shock Wave Structure

Condensation Discontinuities

Unsteady 1D Flows: Finite Amplitude Waves, Characteristics, Riemann Invariants
9Piston Problems, Boundary Interactions, Shock Tubes(PDF)
10Steady 2D Supersonic Flows: Mach Waves, Prandtl-Meyer Function, Expansion Fans(PDF)
11-12Term Paper Presentations


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