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1Overview of Imaging

Imaging Radiation
2Interactions of Radiation with MatterHomework 1 out
3X-ray Generation and Planar Imaging
4X-ray CT OverviewHomework 1 due

Homework 2 out
5Fourier Transforms and Convolution
6Central Slice Theorem and Projection/ReconstructionHomework 2 due

Homework 3 out
7Class Demo: X-ray CT
8Application: Quantitative Anatomy from CTHomework 3 due

Homework 4 out
9Tracers for Nuclear ImagingHomework 4 due

Homework 5 out
10Nuclear Imaging Detectors and Cameras
11Principles of PET and SPECTHomework 5 due

Homework 6 out
12Application: Binding Measurements with PET
13Application: Functional Imaging using FDG UptakeHomework 6 due

Homework 7 out
14Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Physics I
15Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Physics IIHomework 7 due

Homework 8 out
16Magnetic Resonance Imaging I
17Magnetic Resonance Imaging IIHomework 8 due

Homework 9 out
18MRI Contrast Agents
19Application: BOLD Effect in Functional MRIHomework 9 due

Homework 10 out
20Application: Neural Fiber Tracking with MRI
21Class Demo: MRI
22Diffuse Optical Tomography IHomework 10 due
23Diffuse Optical Tomography II
24Optical Molecular Imaging
25Final Presentations


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