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1RegistrationStatement of Interest: Write a short paper (a couple of pages long) on why you would like to participate in this class and how you imagine it would fit in with your research, academic, or general interests.
2Constructionism - Deep DiveShort paper: What does Constructionism mean to you? If you are already familiar with the work of Epistemology and Learning groups (Future of Learning Group, the Lifelong Kindergarten Group, and the Grassroots Invention Group) at the Media Lab, discuss how your prior understanding of Constructionism has changed or evolved by this Week's readings.
3S. Papert - Foundational WorkShort paper: The short foreword to Mindstorms, called The Gears of My Childhood, has been very influential in the work of constructionist learning and education researchers. Write a short first reaction to this piece. I am only looking to see what emotions it evokes in you and how your thoughts and feelings about the central points of this piece evolve as you read the rest of Mindstorms.
4S. Papert - Foundational Work (cont.)Short paper: Write a book review for Mindstorms. Note that this book was written in 1980. To whom would you recommend this book? Are the central messages of Mindstorms still relevant today? Discuss the impact, if any, this book has had on you personally.
5J. PiagetShort Paper: How would Piaget review Mindstorms? Discuss the Piagetian roots of Papert's work through of a few concrete representative sections from Mindstorms.
6L. S. Vygotsky, A. N. Leont'ev, and A. R. LuriaShort Paper: Reflect on Mindstorms in light of the research by Vygotsky, Leont'ev and Luria.
7 J. DeweyShort paper: Reflect on Mindstorms in light of Experience and Education.
8Lave and Wegner, Rogoff, Collins, Brown and DuguidShort Paper: Reflect on Mindstorms in light of this week's readings.
9I. Illich, P. Freire, E. Fromm and A. FalbelShort Paper: Reflect on Mindstorms in light of this week's readings.
10Research Tools and MethodologyShort Paper: React to Computer Criticism vs. Technocentric Thinking.
11Documentation, Reflection, and EvaluationShort Paper: Compare and contrast the research methodologies in the constructionist studies we read about last Week and the work presented in Making Learning Visible: Children as Individual and Group Learners.

Submit: Send a draft of your final paper and project proposal for feedback from everyone in the class.
12Diversity in LearningShort Paper: Discuss your final paper and project proposal in light of this Week's reading.

Feedback: Post your comments and questions about the final paper and project proposals that others submitted last Week.
13Communities of LearnersFinal Projects: Upload your final paper.

Feedback: Upload your review of papers by two other groups.
14Final Project and Paper Presentations (I)Presentations: First half of your Final Projects.
15Final Project and Paper Presentations (II)Presentations: Second half of your Final Projects.

Due: Final Paper and Project.


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