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Course Description

This course addresses a range of topics, including:

  • Size and Time Scales
  • Historical Astronomy
  • Astronomical Instrumentation
  • Stars
    • Spectra
    • Classification
  • Stellar Structure Equations and Survey of Stellar Evolution
  • Stellar Oscillations
  • Degenerate and Collapsed Stars
    • Radio Pulsars
  • Interacting Binary Systems
    • Accretion Disks
    • X-ray Sources
  • Gravitational Lenses
    • Dark Matter
  • Interstellar Medium
    • HII Regions
    • Supernova Remnants
    • Molecular Clouds
    • Dust
    • Radiative Transfer
    • Jeans' Mass
    • Star Formation
  • High-energy Astrophysics
    • Compton Scattering
    • Bremsstrahlung
    • Synchrotron Radiation
    • Cosmic Rays
  • Galactic Stellar Distributions and Populations
    • Oort Constants
    • Oort Limit
    • Globular Clusters


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Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics (8.044), Quantum Mechanics II (8.05), or permission of the instructor.

Grading Policy

Problem Sets30%
Midterm Exam30%
Final Exam40%


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