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1Basic One-Dimensional Electoral Competition

General Framework

Public Goods and Size of Government
3Taxation and Income Redistribution
4Macroeconomic PolicyProblem set 1 due
5-6Multiparty Competition and Comparative Electoral Systems
7Multidimensional Electoral Competition
Possibility of a Solution
First topic review: deadline to submit the list of papers to be covered in the review
8Set-valued Solution Concepts
9Probabilistic Voting Models
10Structure-induced Equilibrium ModelsProblem set 2 due
11Other ModelsProblem set 3 due
12Elections with Imperfect Information

Learning by Voters
13Agency Models
14-15Models of Political PartiesFirst topic review: deadline for the topic review itself

Problem set 4 due
16Vote-Buying, Vote-Trading, and Resource Allocation

Vote-Buying, Vote-Trading in Legislatures
17Probabilistic Voting ModelsSecond topic review: deadline to submit the list of papers
18"Colonel Blotto" Models - Cultivating MinoritiesProblem set 5 due
19-20Interest Groups and Lobbying

Bargaining in Legislatures
22Coalitions and Government Stability
23Informational vs. Distributive Theories of LegislatureSecond topic review: deadline for the topic review itself
24Legislative-Executive RelationsProblem set 6 due
25Representative vs. Direct Democracy


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