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  • Pro-Seminar Course Introduction
    • Course Overview
    • Course Requirements
    • Professional Standards
    • Current Schedule
  • Community Service Project Overview
  • Quick town hall afterward

Course Overview

  • Learn from current leaders of various organizations in diverse industries
  • Explore topics not included in our regular curriculum
  • Apply leadership skills in a project to improve the Boston, MIT, Sloan or LFM communities
  • Open to LFM, and MBA Operations students and engineering MS students
  • Lasts for Fall Term and Spring Term (Time slot will change during Spring 2006 term)

Course Requirements

  • Regular Attendance - even if you are a listener
  • Participation in discussions
  • Readings and Preparation as suggested
  • Grading is Pass/Fail!

Professional Standards

  • Prompt Attendance
  • Business Casual Attire
  • Full and Courteous Attention
    • Laptop use for note taking only
    • Bring your name card for the benefit of the speakers
    • Please remain for duration of lecture
    • Please avoid eating and drinking during lecture
    • Turn off your cell phone

Optional Service Project

  • Most classes have completed projects
  • Group or individual projects
  • Concept is service
  • Multiple types of projects are acceptable
  • MIT Public Service Center has some ideas

Sample Projects

  • Habitat for Humanity
  • MIT Cambridge Science Expo
  • Operations Class for local high school
  • Greenhouse project


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