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I. Organizations and Organization Theory
1Organizations: Definitions, Evolution, and Current DevelopmentsOrientation: Introductions, Expectations, Course Structure, Assignments

Organizations: Definitions,
Evolution, and Current Developments
2Organization Theory: Historical, Conceptual and Occupational Trends
3Debating Contemporary Organization TheoryTheory and Theorizing

Pluralism and its Discontents
II. Main Contemporary Conceptual Frameworks
4Structural Contingency and Resource Dependence TheoriesStructural Contingency Theory

Resource Dependence Theory
5Social Network Analysis
6New Institutionalism
7Organizational Ecology
III. Technology and Professions
8Technology in the Workplace
9Professional Work
IV. Students' Projects
10Class Presentation and Discussion of Students' Term-Papers
11Class Presentation and Discussion of Students' Term-Papers (cont.)


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