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Problem Sets

Students are encouraged to form study groups of 2-3 members. However, each student must construct his / her own financial spreadsheet and write his / her own accompanying write-up. Everyone must use Excel software for their submission and leave the formulas in the cells for ease of grading. These problem sets were adapted from the teaching of Glenn Jenkins at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government in 1994, and are used with many thanks.

Written Assignments

Students will be asked to write one case study memo and one critical essay. In these assignments students will use the issues covered in the readings to critically appraise an actual project appraisal document and the use of cost-benefit tools in development.

There is no final examination in this course.

The Assignments will be due on the following dates:

Problem Set 1 (PDF)Financial Cash Flows from Alternative PerspectivesSession 6
Problem Set 2 (PDF)Discounting and Alternative Investment CriteriaSession 8
Problem Set 3 (PDF)Scale and TimingSession 10
Problem Set 4 (PDF)Risk and Sensitivity AnalysisSession 13
Problem Set 5 (PDF)Economic Appraisal and Shadow PricesSession 18
Case Study Memo (PDF)Critical Appraisal of an Appraisal DocumentSession 23
Final Essay (PDF)Appraisal in the fieldSession 26



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