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I. Writing/Revising: Focusing, Summary vs. Analysis, Answering Questions, and Commenting Well
1Introduction to Course, fill out Index Cards.
Consider Our "Claims to Distinction."
Begin your autobiography as a writer.
Suggestions for Paper #1.
2Brief Autobiography As a Writer (3 pages).
Discuss Rodriguez, "The Achievement of Desire."
Reading Notes, and Proposal Due
3Small Group Workshops for Comments.
(Bring 3 copies of draft to class.)
Draft #1 Due
4Discuss Jacobs, Incidents.
(N.B.) Assignment #2 presented and discussed.
Proposal #2 Due by Email
5Small Group Workshops.Draft #2 Due
6Read The Elements of Style, by Strunk & White. Bring questions.
Large workshop on revising thesis, focus, organization, implications, etc.
7Discuss Woolf, "A Sketch of the Past."
(Conferences this week. Sign up in class.)
Revision #2 (of Draft #1 or #2) Due
8Continue Discussing Woolf.
Assignment #3 presented.
Proposal #3 Due
II. Overall Shapes of Essays: Organizing Principles, Models of Whole Selves and Whole Ideas
10Small Group Workshops.Draft #3 Due
11Large Group Workshop of Paper(s).
12Read Baldwin, "Notes of a Native Son" + "Stranger in the Village." Discuss.
13Assignment #4 presented.
Revision #3 Due
Proposal #4 Due
14Small Group Workshops.Draft #4 Due
15Large Group Workshop.
16Discuss Kingston's "No Name Woman" and "White Tigers."
(Individual conferences twice a week. Sign up in class.)
Assignment #5 presented.
Revision #4 Due
Portfolio Due
17Small Group Workshops.Draft #5 Due
III. Fine-tuning: Linguistic Precision: Uses of Fantasy, the Personal, and History
18Discuss Griffin, "Our Secret."
19Group Workshop.
Assignment #6 presented.
Revision #5 Due
Proposal #6 Due
20Brainstorm Introductions to Portfolios/Retrospective Essays.
(Revising draft #6-optional; you write it so you can choose among essays.)
Draft #6 Due
21Portfolios and Draft of Introduction Due
22Revised Introductions or Retrospective Essays Due

No Late Papers


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