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Week 1
1Introduction to Class
Student Introductions
Project Roles
Week 2
2The Development Process
Audience/Client/Developer Relationship
Websites as Metaphors
Student Project Formation
3Large-Scale Project Development
Starting Your Own Business
Week 3
4Design Concepts
Student Project Formation
5Student Elevator Speeches and Show and Tell
Week 4
6Writing for the Web
7Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Compliance Issues
Week 5
8Student Proposals
9Student Proposals
Week 6
10Student Proposals
11Student Proposals
Week 7
12Individual Student Conferences
13Project Review, Discussion
Week 8
14Usability Test Protocols
15Usability Test Protocols
Week 9
16Usability Test Protocols
17Usability Test Protocols
Week 10
18Discussion of Usability Test Results
19Internet Security Issues, Personal and National
Week 11
20Project Managers Meeting
Week 12
21Development Time for Final Project Presentation
22Development Time for Final Project Presentation
Week 13
23Final Presentations
Week 14
24Final Presentations
25Final Presentations
Week 15
26Final Presentations


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