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SES #Topics
1Introduction to Course
2Bacterial Chemoreception
3Student Presentations
4Bacterial and Paramecium Motility
5Student Presentations
6Neurogenomics: Genome Sequencing and the Nervous System
7Student Presentations
8Development of the Nervous System
9Student Presentations
10Genetic Analysis of Axonal Pathfinding

Student Presentations
11Genetic Analysis of Membrane Excitability

Student Presentations
12Neurodevelopment and Function in the Mouse
13Student Presentations
14Neurotransmitter Release at Nerve Terminals
15Student Presentations
16Genetic Analysis of Sensory Perception
17Student Presentations
18Higher Brain Function in Drosophila: Learning and Circadian Rhythms
19Student Presentations
20Synapse Formation in Vertebrates and Invertebrates

Student Presentations
21Genetic Analysis of Learning and Memory in Mice
22Student Presentations
23Neurogenetics in Humans: Memory and Disease
24Student Presentations


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