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1Introduction and Initial Readings
2Refine Literature Search, Continue Readings
3Readings, Discussion of Possible Design Options
4Design and CounterbalancingExp. 1: Rigorously counterbalanced and controlled version of previous affective priming experiments.
5Finish Design and Counterbalancing, Exp. 1. Design and CounterbalancingExp. 2: Minimum exposure test.
6Finish Design and Counterbalancing, Exp. 2. Pilot Exp. 1, Exp. 2
7Run Exp. 1, Exp. 2
8Data Analysis, Exp. 1
9Data Analysis, Exp. 2
10Design and CounterbalancingExp. 3: Same as Exp. 1 with new question.
Assignment 1 due
11Design and Counterbalancing, Exp. 3
12Run Exp. 3, Continue Exp. 2
13Data Analysis, Exp. 3 and New Data for Exp. 2
14Final Data AnalysisAssignment 2 due.



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