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Lecture Notes

Lecture Notes

Phase 1: Didactic Orientation
11.1A Definition of the Situation (PDF)

Sets and Settings

Start of the 9.70/05 Collaborative Learning System Lifecycle
21.2The Science of Social Psychology and Vice Versa I: The Modern Scientific Approach: Substantive, Procedural and Ethical Issues (PDF)
31.3The Science of Social Psychology and Vice Versa II: Participatory Action Research: An Alternative "Systems" Approach (PDF)
Phase 2: Collaborative Inquiry
42.1Clinical Application of the "Systems" Approach: Family Diagnosis and Treatment in a Case of Anorexia Nervosa (PDF)
52.2Conformity (PDF)
62.3Mass Media and Communication (PDF)

Education and Indoctrination

Propaganda and Persuasion
72.4Social Cognition and The Social Construction of Reality (PDF)
82.5Evaluation: "Us and Them": Justifying Ourselves and Judging Others (PDF)
92.6"In our Genes?" - Biological Determinism as a Social Excuse (PDF)
102.7Overcoming Prejudice and Discrimination (PDF)
112.8Dealing with Differences: Unity and Diversity (PDF)
Phase 3: Final Projects
123.1Identifying and Organizing End-of-term Projects

Refining Evaluation Criteria
133.2Working on Projects

Production and Distribution of Evaluation Forms
143.3Presenting Final Projects

Completing Evaluations and Final Grading Concluding the 9.70/05 Collaborative Learning System Lifecycle


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