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In the calendar below, the instructors are Prof. Hammond (H) and Mr. Breindel (B).

SES #Topics
1H: Free Radical Polymerization

Kinetics, Kinetic Chain Length, Tromsdorff Effect in Free Radical Polymers
2CI-1: The Nature of Scientific Writing and Scientific Report Format (IMRaD) (Given by Dr. Les Perelman, WAC)
3H: Molecular Weight Determination

Polymers as Random Coils in Dilute Solution

Intrinsic Viscosity, Rheology of Concentrated Solutions
4H: Step Growth Polymerization

Near Equilibrium Polymerizations, Far from Equilibrium Step Growth Polymerizations
5B: CI-2: Results and Discussion / Literature Reviews
6H: Polymer Networks and Network Chemistry, Swelling, Linear vs. Crosslinked

Solubility and the Hildebrand Solubility Parameter
7B: CI-3: Using Graphics and Tables Effectively
8H: Mechanical Behavior of Polymers, Rubber Elasticity, Glass Transition
9B: CI-4: Defining Terms
10H: Plasticization Effects, Lowering of Tg, Thermoplastic Elastomers, "Physical" vs. Covalent Networks
11B: CI- Recitation
Exam I
12B: CI-5: Strategies for Revision
13H: Polymer Morphology
14B: CI- Recitation
15H: Polymer Reaction Processing: Suspension and Emulsion

Polymerization and Kinetics
16B: CI-6: Designing Oral Presentations
17H: Formation of Microporous Structures in Polymer Films

Phase Inversion Membrane Formation, Structures from Macrophase Separation
18B: CI- Recitation
19H: Polymer Thin Films and Surfaces

Surface Modification

Adsorption Processes

Solution Processing and Fiber Spinning
20B: CI- Recitation
21-22H: Oral Presentations
23H: Review Session
Exam II


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