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1IntroductionScope, syllabus, requirements, history of (environmental) microbiology.
2-5Cell Biology and GeneticsObservation tools, chemical composition of microbial cells, cell structure, genetic elements, mutation and genetic exchange, taxonomy and phylogeny.
6-7Biosynthesis and FuellingMetabolism, anabolism, key enzymes, biosynthesis, nutrient assimilation, fuelling reactions, energetics.
8-12Metabolic DiversityAerobic respirations, diversity of aerobic metabolism, fermentation, anaerobic respirations, anaerobic food chains, autotrophy, regulation of activity.
13-16MethodsProblems, sampling, detection, identification, enumeration, biomass, activity.
17-18Populations, Communities, EcosystemsInteractions within and between populations, interactions with plants and animals, structure and dynamic of communities, abiotic factors.
19-23Applied Environmental MicrobiologyBiodeterioration, solid and liquid wastes, bioremediation, biodegradation, biological pest control.


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